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Orchid Growers

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Aquatic Rocks (Redland)

Aquatic Rocks
Specialities: mounting vandas, phals, etc to locally found premium rocks which have shells, fossils and unique characteristics.
Pre-orders: Yes, email.

B&G Orchids and Maintenance (Redland)

B&G Orchids

Bela Vista Orchids (Brazil)

Bela Vista Orchids
Email Email here/a>
Specializing in Brazilian Species, Bela Vista Orchids will have 300 Brazilian species on offer at the Tamiami International Orchid Festival.
Pre-orders are accepted and must be requested by November. Contact Bela Vista by email.

Best of Thai (Thailand)

Best of Thai

Blumen Insel's Orchids (Japan)

Blumen Insel
Email Email

Carmela Orchids (Hawaii)
Ching Hua Orchids (Taiwan)

Ching Hua Orchids

Specialties: Cattleya, Dendrobium, and Phalaenopsis.

Preorders: Yes. Must be placed by January 10th, 2014.

Dan and Margie Orchids (Ft. Lauderdale)

Dan and Margie Orchids

Specialties: The nursery specializes in growing Vanda/Ascda. Crosses, Cattleya hybrids, warm growing Oncidium, Dendrobium, and some species.

Preorders: Contact grower.

Dan & Margie have been growing orchids as hobbyists for over 30 years and as commercial
growers for just over twelve years.

Dan & Margie Orchids is a family owned business and caters to the small grower, but is capable
of handling wholesale inquiries.

The nursery sells orchids, some supplies and will assist any orchid grower with information and
re-potting instruction.

Dan Christensen has been speaking on general orchid culture, Vanda culture and various
subjects related to orchids for over 20 years. He uses the ‘common sense’ approach to growing.
He has been guest lecturer at all local orchid societies and the American Orchid Society (AOS).

Margie runs the day-to-day business and is an accomplished pottery artist.

Together they run the business, participate in local shows from Tampa to South Miami.

Dan is a member of the South Florida Orchid Society Board of Directors. for over 10 years and
has served as the president of SFOS for two consecutive terms.

He has served as a board member of several local societies, Miramar, Gold Coast & South

Duh's Orchid Nursery (Taiwan)

Duh’s Orchid Nursery
Specialties: Cattleya hybrids.
Facebook page

Ecuaflor-A (Ecuador)

Visit Equaflor-A’s website by clicking here.

Specialties: Equaflor-A specializes in growing a variety of plants: Orchidacea, Araceae, Begoniaceae, Bromeliaceae, Cyclanthaceae, Dryopteridaceae, Ericaceae, Gesneriaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Marattiaceae, Marcgraviaceae, Melastomataceae, Piperaceae, Plagiochilaceae, Selaginellaceae, Urticaceae, and so on.

Preorders: Equaflor-A is happy to fulfill your pre-order. Pre-orders must be submitted by January 5, 2017. Send an email for more information.

In Ecuador, where the greater diversity of orchids and tropical plants occur . Equaflor–A propagate and offer a wide variety of these natural gems, plants suitable for terrariums, orchids and other tropical plants for delight of plants lovers.

Ecuagenera (Ecuador)


Specialties: Native Ecuadorian orchid species

Preorders: Yes. Visit or email for a price list.

Ecuagenera , Cía . Ltda . was born out of the search for the proper use and preservation of a natural resource of incalculable value for Ecuador and the world: the orchid.

Recent field research suggests that more than 4500 orchid species live in the wilds of Ecuador.

“The most recent count of the number of orchid species in Ecuador is 4.100 which is the highest number recorded and validated with voucher specimens of any country in the world.” ( Calaway H. Dodson, PHD , author of “Native Ecuadorian Orchids”)

Ecuagenera, Cía . Ltda . specializes in the cultivation, reproduction and sale of native Ecuadorian orchid species. The largest such company in Ecuador, Ecuagenera sends native orchid species to clients around the world and attends expositions in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Ecuagenera also gives lectures about native Ecuadorian orchid species and their greenhouse techniques.

Florida SunCoast Orchids (Myakka City)

Florida SunCoast Orchids

Gold Country Orchids (California)

Gold Country Orchids
For over 30 years Gold Country Orchids has been known for quality miniature and compact cattleyas, but to the orchid aficionado Gold Country Orchids has also been known as a fantastic source for species.

With over 2000 different species, too many to put into one list, Gold Country Orchids has long been a source to the orchid industry, with quality species perfected through years of breeding.

Gold Country Orchids’ owner Alan Koch is an internationally known speaker, author, and expert in the Cattleya Alliance.

Greenhouse Orchids (Hollywood)

Greenhouse Orchids
Offering affordable orchids with outstanding service.

Hamlyn Orchids (Jamaica)
Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology Ltd. (China)

Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology Ltd.
Email Email

Specialities: Chinese orchids specialized in slipper orchids and Asian orchids, species and hybrids, from flasks to different stages of seedlings.

Do you accept pre-orders: Yes–look at website and then email for pickup at the festival.

Website: (no international shipping, only pre-orders for pick up at the festival.

H&R Orchids (Hawaii)

H&R Orchids
808-259-9626 / Fax: 808-259-5422

Specialities: H&R Nurseries is well known for its unique Dendrobiums, compact Cattleyas, and hundreds of seed grown species. We have the best selection of Latouria Dendrobium hybrids
and species.

Preorders: Pre-orders are welcomed. Special discounts for Tamiami Festival. Free freight and packing. Payment can be made at show. Guaranteed satisfaction. You can also call in to H&R
Nurseries, 808-259-9626. In Hawaii, we are five hours behind Florida. Call from 12 noon to 8 pm eastern standard time, Monday through Friday. Leave a message and I will return your call.

H&R Nurseries has been in business for 30 years. Partners Harry Akagi and Roy Tokunaga work hard to grow the healthiest plants for you. H&R clones and hybridizes their inventory to meet hobbyists’ needs. With more than 500 items on our lists every year, from flasks to flowering size plants., H&R keeps growing costs low, passing savings on to customers.

H&R has published in Orchid Digest, Dendrobiums, Oct,Nov.,Dec. 2010, pp. 196-207. Orchid Digest, Latouria Dendrobiums, 68(1):19-23. Proceedings, 19th WOC 2008, Miami, pp. 312-314. and Proceedings of 15th WOC 1996, Rio de Janeiro, pp. 259-261.

In Charm Orchid Laboratory (Taiwan)

In Charm Orchid Laboratory
Specializing in paphiopedilums. More information to come.

Joseph Wu Orchids (Taiwan)

Joseph Wu Orchids
Specializing in phalaenopsis. More information to come.

Kawamoto Orchids (Hawaii)
Krull Smith (Apopka)
Macs Orchids (Ft. Lauderdale)

Macs Orchids

Motes Orchids (Redland)

Vanda Karina Motes JC

Motes Orchids

Specialties: Vandaceous hybrids.

Preorders: Yes, select seedlings will be available for pre-order.

Motes Orchids hosts the Tamiami International Orchid Festival and co-hosts the Redland International Orchid Festival. Martin Motes has grown orchids for over fifty years. Martin is an authority on Vandaceaous orchids. He is one of the most prolific and awarded hybridists in the world. Martin’s books in the Florida Orchid Growing series are the standard text for orchid growers in Florida.

His wife Mary has run Motes Orchids with him for close to forty years. Mary’s novel Orchid Territory is a fascinating glimpse into a fantastic world of orchids. Filled with intrigue and suspense, Orchid Territory has received accolades and mentions in publications as diverse as the Singapore Orchid Review and the New York Times. Mary further captivates readers at her blog Not Just Orchids.

Martin and Mary’s books can be bought at

MundiFlora Farms (Ecuador)

MundiFlora Farms

Specialties: Ecuadorian orchids and non-orchid species.

Preorder: Yes. Must be sent by email. The deadline for preorders is January 9th, 2015.

MundiFlora Farms is a well regarded Ecuadorian orchid nursery.

Odom's Orchids (Ft. Pierce)

Odom’s Orchids
(772) 467-1386

Specialties: Cattleya hybrids and species. Also phalaenopsis, lady slippers, and brassias.

Preorders: Yes. Preorder plants for delivery at the festival by calling (772) 467-1386 or e-mailing

With over 90,000 square feet of greenhouses, Odom’s Orchids, Inc. is one of the largest retail growers and shippers of orchids in the United States. Odom’s specializes in Cattleya hybrids and species, but also grow phalaenopsis, lady slippers, and brassias. Odom’s Orchids has one of the largest selections of high quality cattleya mericlones found anywhere. Odom’s Orchids distinguishes itself with mature, large, well grown, blooming size plants that don’t take years to bloom. They also offer many new and exciting crosses.

Ooi Leng Sun Orchids (Malaysia)

Ooi Leng Sun Orchids Nursery & Laboratory

Country: Penang, Malaysia

Contact person : Benjamin OOI

Contact email :

Pre-Order: YES

Price List upon request

Orchid Eros (Hawaii)

Orchid Eros

Specialties: Cattleya alliance

Preorders: Yes. Visit

Orchid Eros is a niche nursery in Mt. View, HI. Owner Ben Oliveros is an accredited AOS judge with a passion for breeding in the Cattleya alliance.

Orchids in Bloom (Apopka)

Orchids in Bloom

Specialties: Phalaenopsis, dendrobium, vanda, cattleya, and oncidium.

Preorders: Yes. Email or call 407-242-0619.

Orquideas Amazonicas (Peru)

Orquideas Amazonicas by Agro Oriente Viveros

Agro Oriente Viveros SAC is Now Orquídeas Amazónicas, is located in Moyobamba Peru, specialized in growing Peruvian species of orchids, bromeliads, ferns and other ornamental plants.
Karol Villena, manager.

Orquidario Paulista (Brazil)

Orquidario Paulista


Our company, “Orquidário Paulista”, has been working for 15 years selling various orchids from all regions of Brazil which have already adapted to the climate of São Paulo. We’re located at medium altitude of 700 mts (2296,59ft) above sea level, with temperatures between 2°C (35°F) and 35 °C (95°F). We offer a great variety of species and hybrids.

Pelican Coast Farms (Fort Myers)

Pelican Coast Farms

Specialties: Large specimen plants in baskets mounted across many genera. Wide variety of hard to find species orchids.

Preorders: We accept pre-orders for all our shows with the special bonus that you do not need to purchase any plant you request us to bring to the show. If the plant is not up to your expectations you have no obligation to purchase it. We can not bring everything to shows so help us chose and we will bring anything that interests you.

Pelican Coast Farms is a family nursery in Fort Myers Florida. Owned by Jerry and Sharon Meola it caters to beginners through experienced collectors.

Pelican Coast Farms’ website features 2500 photos with most recent reclassification name and both parents. Free professional grade orchid calendar each month and gift, birthday Christmas cards, etc. that you can download and use free of charge. Numerous tutorials on the web site and more being added monthly.

Peruflora (Peru)

Andean and Peruvian Orchid species & hybrids

Phrao Orchids (Thailand)

Phrao Orchids
Facebook page

Plantio La Orquidea (Venezuela / Sarasota)
Popow Orchids (Germany)

Popow Orchids

Smiley Orchids (Clermont)

Smiley Orchids
Specialties: ​Vandas – Ascocendas – Dendrobiums– Cattleyas – Oncidiums – Nobile and Species

Soroa Orchids (Redland)

Soroa Orchids

Springwater Orchids (Melbourne)

Springwater Orchids

Specialties: Paph species/hybrids, warm growing orchid species and all orchids genera.

Preorders: Yes. email or phone 321-223-6173.

Thanh Nyugen of SpringWater Orchids has twenty seven years collecting and growing orchids. He actively breeds and he offers flasks and compots for sale alongside larger plants.

SO Orchids (Orlando)

SO Orchids

Specialities: Vandas and wood-mounted orchids.

Preorders: No.

So Orchids is based out of Orlando, Florida and specializes in Vandas and wood-mounted orchids.


Ten Shin Gardens (Taiwan)

Ten Shin Gardens

Ten Shin Gardens, a registered orchid nursery based in Taiwan
specialises in species in Aerangis, Bulbophyllum, Chinese
Cymbidium, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and etc. They also offer high
quality Cynodes hybrids and exotic intergenetic hybrids. They
strive to provide best quality plants at competitive prices and welcome
all retail and wholesale orders.

Pre-ordered accepted

Matt Wei-Yi Chen
Ten Shin Gardens Co., Ltd

Tropic 1 Orchids (Kissimmee)

Tropic 1 Orchids

Specialties: Vandas Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Brassias, Phalaenopsis. Hybrids, Species and Intergenerics.

Preorders: Yes. Email or call.

Thomas Ritter of Tropic 1 Orchids is a veteran of World War II whose love of orchids led him into flasking and, since 1959, selling his plants commercially.


Waldor Orchids (New Jersey)

Waldor Orchids


Waldor Orchids has been growing and propagating fine cattleyas since the 1930’s. We specialize in large flowered classic and antique cattleyas. Pre-orders can be sent to or by calling 609 927 4126 and asking for Dave Off.

Water Orchids (Taiwan)

Water Orchids

Specialties: Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Oncidium, Chinese Cymbidium, Dendrobium and other species.

Preorders: Yes. Visit or email

Water Orchids is a wholesale orchids company specializing in supplying the highest quality Taiwan orchids to nurseries around the world.

Allied Vendors

(Please click on the vendor name for more information)

aMaySing Imports

aMaySing Imports
RISIS of Singapore. A collection of real orchid blooms carefully plated in the finest 24K gold and palladium.
Brought to you exclusively by AMaySing Imports.

Bactra Orchid Benches
Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter
t :: 786-517-8699
f :: 786-517-8660
c :: 305-492-3701

Bello Tropicals

Bello Tropicals

Over the past 20 years Alex Bello has collected and grown all kinds of weird and unusual plants ranging from orchids to aroids and exotic ferns, but his passion has been bromeliads. Bello Tropicals has collected and grown bromeliads from all around Central and South America from the rarest to the most common.

Preorders are welcome. Send inquiries via email (above).

Broward Orchid Supply, Inc.

Broward Orchid Supply, Inc.
954-925-2021 phone/fax
877-9orchid toll free

Broward Orchid Supply has quickly emerged as the source of choice for orchid growers searching for daily essentials and hard to find supplies.

Creative Connections Global

Creative Connections Global
At Creative Connections Global, we offer a variety of quality products that include health and beauty, wellness, and spices. We often have specials to offer our clients. As a veteran owned business we continue serving our with a smile. The company supports nonprofit organizations and is committed to connecting you with creative opportunities.

Products Offered: Black Soap, Vegetable Based Soap & Shea Butter

Fantastic Ferns

Fantastic Ferns

Fantastic ferns specializes in Platycerium, Drynaria, microsorium and other rare and unusual ferns. Fantastic Ferns also sells tree fern products and other mounting materials.

Garden of Silver Delights

Garden of Silver Delights
Transient Natural Beauty Made Permanent.
Solid Sterling Silver Cast Orchids.
Pendants and Earrings in Argentium.
Each a unique exact copy of the original bloom.

Gardino Nursery

Gardino Nursery


Gardino Nursery is a small family-run business that started as a backyard nursery in 1976 growing primarily ferns, orchids, and irises. Today Gardino occupies 5 acres in Delray Beach, Florida and offers over 1,000 different species of plants.

Gardino Nursery specializes in rare and unusual tropical plants, but also has a nice selection of Hoya plants and well known tropical fragrant plants.

Gene Simmon's Baskets

Gene Simmon’s Baskets

Green Barn Orchid Supplies

Green Barn Orchid Supplies
5185 Conklin Drive
Delray Beach, FL 33484

The Expert Source for All Your Orchid Supply Needs

Hyla Levine is the co-owner of Green Barn Orchid Supplies, which is located in a charming 65 year old barn in Delray Beach. Hyla began the business in 2004 with the idea of providing a local source for orchid supplies as well as a source for people to ask questions and learn more about orchids.
Green Barn Orchid Supplies has a varied and complete array of supplies including potting mixes, pots, baskets, wire products, plant food, chemicals as well as decorative ceramics and plant stands for orchids. In addition Green Barn manufactures custom aluminum potting benches right on their premises.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-5

Everything you need to grow beautiful orchids.



John's Jungle African Market Baskets

John’s Jungle African Market Baskets
Visit John’s Jungle African Market Baskets’s website/

Lucky Bamboo 4 U Carnivorous Plants

Lucky Bamboo 4 U Carnivorous Plants
Sheryl Taylor, owner of Lucky Bamboo 4 U, specializes in growing and propagating numerous Carnivorous plants. Her collection includes a unique variety of Tropical Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes), Venus fly traps, Sundews and Sarracenia. These collections of plants are a great complement to your orchids as well as any home garden environment. The plants eat bugs and help make for a healthy and bug free environment. She also offers an array of other hard to find unique exotic tropical plants. The plants are from her registered and inspected nursery and are free from pests. Sheryl’s passion for carnivorous plants is well evidenced by her introduction of the pitcher plants to South Florida more than 10 years ago. Sheryl is a certified Florida Master Gardener and is available at the Yellow Green Farmers Market. She also offer her carnivorous plants as a regular vendor at numerous South Florida Plant and Botanical Garden shows.

Magic Mona's Plant Emporium

Magic Mona’s Plant Emporium
Visit Magic Mona’s website/
Magic Mona grows Nepenthes. These interesting carnivorous plants do exceedingly well when grown in close proximity to orchids since both enjoy similar light and humidity levels. As a Florida Master Gardener, Magic Mona also teaches Nepenthe growing, culture, grooming, and propagation techniques. Nepenthes are amazing bug eating plants that are excellent companions and pest control for orchid collections.

Nature's Relics

Nature’s Relics

“Nature’s Relics,” reclaims old one-of-a-kind cypress driftwood and centuries old sinker cypress wood planks. This is America’s exotic wood and is offered as wall and hanging mounts for orchids, bromeliads, staghorns, etc. Unique plant trays and hangers, garden benches, and awesome landscape pieces both large and small will enhance your outdoor gardens with beautiful eco-friendly touches. Experience nature at its best with “Nature’s Relics” cypress wood!

OFE International

OFE International
(305) 253-7080

Orchid Treasures

Orchid Treasures
Visit Orchid Treasures’ website/

Palm Hammock Orchid Estate

Palm Hammock Orchid Estate
9995 S.W. 66th St.
Miami, FL 33173

Puddingstone Farm

Puddingstone Farm
Puddingstone Farm sells their own handmade terracotta orchid pots, alpine pans, planters, along with glass and wire flower vases.
Pre-orders or inquiries can be placed via email.


Tropiflora was established in 1976. Specializing in rare and exotic plants, featuring bromeliads, and includes orchids, cycads, caudiciforms, succulents, ferns, palms and more. Tropiflora maintains the largest variety of bromeliads, especially Tillandsias, available in the USA. Our stock of exotic plants runs well over 7000 varieties, with an inventory in excess of one million five hundred thousand plants.

Tropiflora’s plants come from around the world, many of which were collected as seeds and cuttings on over 100 collecting expeditions, spanning over 35 years and over twenty-seven countries. Linda and Dennis both make frequent forays to the world’s wild places in search of new plant treasures, which are then painstakingly cultivated and propagated for the collector market. Most of our stock is produced at Tropiflora, the rest being imported from other nurseries in various countries abroad.

Tropiflora clientele run the gamut from interiorscapers and landscapers to serious collectors and hobbyists. Most sales are by mail order and plants are daily shipped worldwide. Live arrival and complete satisfaction is guaranteed or money refunded. Customer satisfaction is a goal and Tropiflora is constantly striving to find better ways to serve its customers.

Tropiflora recently supplied the anchor collection of plants to the new ‘Gardens by the Bay’ project in Singapore. We supplied and shipped over 300,000 bromeliads and succulent plant specimens to Singapore for the project.

Tropiflora maintains a comprehensive website;, which has color photos, cultural information and much more for all the plant varieties that we offer.

Visitors are welcome at Tropiflora, which has become a Mecca for serious collectors and lovers of unusual flora. Don’t be in a hurry! It will take many hours to peruse miles of isles in over 200,000 square feet of greenhouses. Tropiflora’s knowledgeable staff, most of whom are veterans of collecting expeditions to exciting tropical countries, can answer your most detailed questions. We also host two festivals each year, our spring festival on the first weekend of April and fall festival the first weekend of October, both of which attract thousands of plant enthusiasts.